EF Vision

A vision is what a company aspires to become. It keeps us going in the busy season and is present in our minds as we work throughout the year.

EF’s vision is to grow; because it is challenging, exciting, rewarding, and creates opportunities for everyone. Growth means not only an increase in size, but also in profitability, the quality of our programs, the number of markets we compete in, and the number of products we offer. Growth also means the personal growth and development of EF’s most important asset, our people, both professionally and personally.

EF Mission

A mission is the direction that a company takes and the pathways it chooses in order to fulfill that direction.

EF’s mission is to break down barriers of language, culture and geography through our products. A piece of the Berlin Wall has been placed in front of EF Center Boston as a physical reminder of our mission.

EF Core Values

Core values are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization. They are a small set of timeless guiding principles. We have them because they define for us what we stand for. Core values should be so fundamental and deeply held that they will change seldom, if ever. Determining them is not an intellectual exercise; the question is not “what should the core values be” but “what core values do we truly and passionately hold.”

Work hard; play hard

Be passionate about everything you do; live life fully both at work and at home; search for balance; choose your life’s direction, don’t let it just happen to you.

Nothing is impossible

Go above and beyond expectations; there is a way around every obstacle, so be flexible about change; it’s up to you to make it happen; no such thing as “not my job”

Positive attitude

You should be a force for good, be constructive in times of challenge and change; you have the power, with the right attitude, to make changes and influence the direction of the company.

Attention to detail

All details count. If you drop the ball, a participant’s experience can be ruined. Stay on top of all the little things. But never lose sight of the big picture. Be sure your ultimate focus is on the results.

Entrepreneurial spirit

It’s up to you to make it happen. You have the right and the power to make change and influence the direction of the company


Always think about what you are spending: is it a good cost or a bad cost? Is it nice but not necessary? NOT the same as cut costs; sometimes cost-consciousness means spending more – on the right ideas!

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