Teaching Requirements

To be eligible you have:
• 1+ year teaching experience, preferably in EFL or ESL
• Bachelors degree
• TEFL certificate
• Native English ability
• No criminal record
• Passport from an English speaking country
Note: Due to Chinese working visa requirements we can only employ candidates aged between 24 and 55

Chinese Visa

Prior to flying to China, a teacher will need to apply for the relevant work visa. In order to get a visa, EF will apply for the necessary documents which we will courier to the teacher, who will need to present these to his/her local visa office.
The teacher must apply for a work visa (z-visa). He/she may have to complete certain medical checks in order to obtain the visa.
All costs will be paid by the teacher, who should keep all the receipts. On arrival, the teacher should fill in an Expense Report and attach all receipts in order to be refunded for all visa associated costs.