EF English First (A China-based company in the EF Group) offers one of the more competitive benefits packages in the industry. Our benefits package reflects the fact that our schools operate in several countries with different economic and legal structures. For those EF Teachers working in EF centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and our new e-town life club centers, the package is outlined below. For those teachers working in other Chinese or international cities please contact your recruitment manager for specific details.

All positions offer:


Salary for first-year teachers is 12,350 RMB per month before tax. (The tax rate is about 9% for EF teachers.) Salaries permit teachers to have a comfortable lifestyle and sufficient funds to travel in the region during the holidays. Many EF teachers enjoy maid services, dine out in the evenings and have active social and travel schedules.


EF will provide a yearly flight allowance of 8,000 RMB per year paid in monthly installments of 667 RMB over 12 months. For new EF Teachers, please DO NOT book a flight until you have received your Z (work) visa sticker and stamp from the Chinese embassy/ consultant or have been advised by your recruiter to do so.


On arrival, we will meet the teacher at the airport and take him/her to a hotel, which will be booked on their behalf. The teacher is invited to stay in the hotel from up to two weeks at our expense. During this time, a representative of the school will assist the teacher to find suitable accommodation. Rental deposits are often quite expensive, so we offer all our teachers a loan of 10,000RMB on arrival. This amount will be deducted in four equal amounts from their first four salaries.


Office managers will provide you with a city orientation and introduce you to a local real estate agent who will set up apartment viewings with you. There is also a host of online resources for you to use in finding the apartment and situation that is just right for you.

EF teachers in China are offered ERIKA™ Medical and Accident Insurance. The policy has been specially designed for EF teachers. It is automatic coverage and offers extensive coverage for Medical, Accident and Liability Insurance. The insurance covers reasonable and customary treatment charges, medical bills and prescriptions up to $50,000 USD. The cost of the insurance premium is shared by the company and the employee. The employee’s insurance premium of 295 RMB per month will be deducted out of their gross salary amount on a post-tax basis. For more information, refer to the Erika policy for EF.


Prior to flying to China, a teacher will need to apply for the relevant work visa. In order to get a visa, EF will apply for the necessary documents which we will courier to the teacher, who will need to present these to his/her local visa office. The teacher must apply for a work visa (z-visa). He/she may have to complete certain medical checks in order to obtain the visa. All costs will be paid by the teacher, who should keep all the receipts. On arrival, the teacher should fill in an Expense Report and attach all receipts in order to be refunded for all visa associated costs.


All EF schools have a Director of Studies known as a DOS. This person has a wealth of teaching experience and will assist in the professional development of the teaching staff. As an EF teacher, the DOS will be your direct line manager. Your DOS will hold a new teacher orientation program that includes an in-depth explanation of the courses, curriculum, resources and methodology.


EF has its own textbook series for Young Learners, Business and General English Classes. Whatever the academic needs of an EF student, EF has the scholastic material you need to help your students develop their English.
In addition, EF has state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Each EF school has well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, bright student lounges and teacher preparation areas. Teachers are encouraged to make full use of EF’s resource materials in order to make the lessons as student-centered and interactive as possible.


To the extent that it is possible, Mandarin lessons are offered to all the teachers during their scheduled 40-hour week, either at a central headquarters school/ office or at a school at or near where the teacher works. These classes are a good way to get familiar with the basics of Chinese.


EF is an enormous company, and we encourage our teachers to apply for the various positions offered once they have completed their one-year teaching contract.