Customized teaching materials:
What sets EF apart from other English language schools is our dedication to developing quality English language teaching resources and educational curriculum. Our team develops customized multimedia series to guide our English teaching curriculum.

Innovative computer-based resources:
Our dedicated academic research team has developed advanced English language teaching resources that emphasizes not only the practical skills of the English language, but also builds students confidence through individualized exercises and activities.

As part of our support for our teachers we have a number of other resources.

These include resources which are directly related to the teaching job, like comprehensive guides on grammar, pronunciation and training on our teaching systems.

There are also regular workshops around how to improve your teaching.

We also have training and workshops on subjects outside of the teaching role. Subjects like understanding your work contract, computer programs which you use in the workplace, improving your C.V. and many others, are typical of workshops we run.

There is also a focus on health and fitness! We have a relationship with a fitness company who come to our office park, four times a week, to work with any of our people who are interested in staying fit and healthy.